Gentlemen only etiquette classes

Gentlemen Only

The Art of Being a Gentlemen

The Power of Being a Gentleman

Gentlemen know how to treat others with respect and dignity. They practice empathy, generosity, and patience, and bring lasting value to every relationship. This course will reveal the secrets gentlemen know so that you can gain that extra polish and presence for any situation.

Join Deborah King and Buzz Kolbe in a relaxed, interactive environment as you explore Business Vs Social Etiquette, Power of Civility, Art of Acknowledgement, Meeting & Greetings, Handshaking, Business & Social Card Presentation, Art of Conversation, Technology Etiquette, Dining Skills, Creating a Powerful First & Lasting Impression, Posture and Presence, and Wardrobe Essentials.

Program includes a multi-course lunch, training manual, and a complimentary 30 minute follow-up phone coaching session. Course is limited to 20.

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Survival Skills

Survival Skills

Twenty young men will have the opportunity to experience a life changing weekend at the world famous Rough Creek Lodge located just NW of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. ( The food and accommodations are first-class at this corporate retreat center!

Evening of Etiquette - Corporate Workshop

Evening of Etiquette

Business today is often conducted over a meal where social skills are showcased. Possessing the confidence to negotiate through this setting is a necessary skill every leader must possess. In a relaxed environment participants will explore many of the elements involved in networking and dining such as: Business and Social Etiquette, First Impressions, Introductions, Conversational Tips, Handshaking, Business Card Presentation, Cocktail Parties, Tools of the Table, American and Continental Styles of Dining, and Presenting a Toast. Instruction, manual, and multi-course meal included. Bring your questions!

Please note: Both men and women are invited to participate in this course.

Gentlemen Etiquette Class

The Art of Travel

Each year millions of people travel on business and pleasure, leaving familiar surroundings soaring and exploring the world near and far. Taking off without a flight plan and without preparing for what lies ahead can have serious consequences, causing travel adventures to run aground. Learn what you can do even before you pack your bags, on how to travel safely and responsibly in order to steer clear of trouble.

Please note: Both men and women are invited to participate in this course.