Ladies only etiquette workshops

Ladies Only

Our workshops include:

    • Social & business etiquette
    • Civility
    • Dining
    • Art of communication
    • Posture & presence
    • Wardrobe building blocks
    • Understanding your body type
    • Social media manners
    • Personal coaching
    • Building a strong self-esteem
    • Developing and maintaining a positive attitude
    • Basics of a great complexion
    • Makeup techniques and color
    • Hair & nails
    • Photo techniques
    • Nutrition
    • Art of entertaining
    • Character development

school of etiquette

Deluxe Life Skills Overnight Camp

Deluxe Life Skills Camp 

Once a year twenty young women have the opportunity to experience a life changing week with Deborah King at the Inn on the River in Glen Rose, Texas, which is located just SW of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. The food and accommodations are first-class at this corporate retreat center! This is not just another camp! Please visit our Deluxe Life Skills Overnight Camp page to learn more.

pdfDownload Deluxe Life Skills Flier (PDF – 1.3MB)

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Art of Confident Living

Art of Confident Living – Weekend Retreat 

Ladies, enjoy a relaxed weekend away at the Inn on the River in Glen Rose, Texas exploring a wide range of civility, etiquette and image issues! Through simple makeover changes, you will learn how to make the BEST first impression. Join us as we explore many of the elements involved in social situations such as: Meeting & Greetings, Handshaking, Business & Social Card Presentation, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills, How to Launch, Linger and Leave a Conversation, Technology & Social Media Etiquette, Creating an Effective First Impression, Posture and Poise, Wardrobe Building, The Art of Entertaining, Dining Skills, and so much more! Small group instruction allows for one-on-one coaching with Deborah King. While this course is designed for the adult woman, a teenage daughter is welcome to attend with her mother.

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Art of Confident Living

Art of Confident Living – Day Event

This powerful day session, for ladies only, is filled with practical insight to help you discover new social skills or polish your current skill set. You will gain the extra poise you need to be comfortable in any social situation. The Art of Confident Living Course will increase your ability to present yourself confidently, both personally and professionally; and ensure you always make the best first impression.

In a relaxed environment, participants will explore many of the elements involved in social situations:  Business Vs Social Etiquette, The Power of Civility, The Art of Acknowledgement, Introductions, Proper Handshake Techniques, Business Card Presentation, Communication and Conversational Skills, and Technology Etiquette.

A highlight of the day will be our Signature Dining Skills Luncheon which includes step-by-step instruction and class participation in a multi-course meal. Attendees will gain fresh insight from personal instruction:  Creating a Powerful First Impression, Walking, Sitting, Wardrobe Building Blocks, Utilizing the Style Guide, and Image Busters.

This course is recommended for adult women. Teen girls are welcome to attend with an accompanying adult. Instruction, training manual and multi-course meal are all included.

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Evening of Etiquette - Corporate Workshop

Evening of Etiquette

Business today is often conducted over a meal where social skills are not only showcased, but imperative to your success. The knowledge to confidently navigate through a wide range of social and professional settings will prepare you to excel in your role in the business world, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

In a relaxed environment, participants will explore many of the elements involved in networking and dining: First Impressions, Introductions, Conversational Tips, Handshaking, Business Card Presentation, Business and Social Etiquette, The Art of Civility, Cultural and Generational Influences, Cocktail Parties, Tools of the Table, American and Continental Styles of Dining, and Presenting a Toast.

The Evening of Etiquette will provide the skills and insight necessary to ensure confident social interactions and the professional savvy to set you apart from the crowd. Instruction, training manual, and multi-course meal are included in this course. Bring your questions! Do you have a group of 8 or more who would like to schedule this class on a private basis? Call us!

Please note: Both men and women are invited to participate in this course.

Current dates and registration

Final Touch offers personalized coaching through either a One-on-One Coaching Call, or a personal training session. For more details, contact us at 206-510-5357 or email