Corporate Business Etiquette


Today’s global economy demands polished flexibility and professionalism. Final Touch provides a fresh approach to business etiquette and personal branding. Each corporate seminar is customized to meet your specific needs. Corporate seminars include full day, half day, one hour, or private consultations.

The goal is to demonstrate kindness and respect to every individual in business no matter their position. The person at the front desk today may be sitting in a corner office tomorrow. Objectives include:

  • Master business etiquette including dining skills, introductions, the proper use of technology, the art of thank you, networking, business vs. social etiquette, and more.
  • Create a powerful and lasting first impression by developing a professional image through the use of appropriate dress, posture and grooming.
  • Identify the role and benefits of generating social capital in the corporate culture.
  • Master powerful verbal and nonverbal communication skills that will identify you as a leader in your industry.
  • Create and cultivate civility to enhance workplace performance.
  • Present yourself with confidence and credibility so that you are leveraged for success.
  • Establish a corporate culture that is sustainable and profitable.