Please note, the following programs are only an example of our corporate workshops. We work closely with each client to create a customized program that will best meet their corporate goals. Every program is focused on developing leadership skills for the 21st century.  Contact us for more information.

Evening of Etiquette - Corporate Workshop

Evening of Etiquette

Business today is often conducted over a meal where social skills are showcased. Possessing the confidence to negotiate through this setting is a necessary skill every leader must possess. In a relaxed environment participants will explore many of the elements involved in networking and dining such as: Business and Social Etiquette, First Impressions, Introductions, Conversational Tips, Handshaking, Business Card Presentation, Cocktail Parties, Tools of the Table, American and Continental Styles of Dining, and Presenting a Toast. Instruction, manual, and multi-course meal included. Bring your questions!


Professional Presence

Acquire a fresh look at your image as a professional. Does your image match the industry and position you desire? Do your clothes, accessories, posture and grooming communicate success? Your image is either a bridge or a barrier to your advancement. Master the details that will give you a competitive edge and enable you to demonstrate a polished professional presence in any situation.


The Power of Social Capital

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Successful businesses work on building their social capital as much as they work on building their products and services. Social capital concerns how people interact with one another. Businesses and individuals create social capital through the relationships they build. This seminar enhances participants’ social capital by teaching how to meet and greet, work a room, dress appropriately, host a business lunch and communicate effectively with others.


Civility in the Workplace

Job related stress costs US corporations an estimated 300 billion dollars annually. The lack of civility in the workplace is a significant contributor to job related stress. Identify a civil work environment, understand the impact of incivility in the workplace, and learn practical steps to create a code of civility including the art of acknowledgment, office etiquette, customer service, communication skills and more.


Civility in Action

At the heart of strong leadership is found a man or woman who impacts others through civility. Civility matters. It matters at home, in the workplace and in our communities. A civil environment fosters mutual respect, emotional satisfaction, teamwork, goodwill, honest conversations, reduced stress, and more fulfilling relationships. You are the key to bringing civility to those relationships and situations where you have influence. The Civility In Action course will cover:

  • What civility is…and what it is not.
  • Practical ways you can elevate civility in your everyday interactions.
  • How to approach and diffuse emotionally charged situations.

You will learn more effective communication skills to help bring a spirit of civility into your home, your work place, your relationships and your community.

Emotional Intelligence - EQ

The Business Strategy of Emotional Intelligence

Every workplace relationship will affect your profit. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace as a business strategy will increase your profits and provide you with a healthier lifestyle with less stress.The business strategy behind EQ focuses on increasing your self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. This strategy also blends in to your overall behavior in the workplace, known as your civility in the workplace. How are you treated and valued at work? When you are not feeling valued or treated well, do you give 100%? If you are not valuing and encouraging your employees are they giving 100%?

Incivility in the workplace cost US corporation 300 billion dollars per year. Learn what profits you may be losing today and how to build a business strategy to increase profits based on EQ. Do you want to choose it or lose it?

Science of Business Etiquette

The Science of Business Etiquette

Joint presentation by Deborah King and Horacio Sanchez. This seminar seeks to provide each participant with a clear understanding of how etiquette capitalizes on the science behind human behavior. Read more…