About ten years ago, I was fortunate to attend the Art of Confident Living class. It was not something I could afford at the time, with two small children at home on a limited income. My sister was the one who sent me to this class. Had I known then what I know now, I would have signed up sooner! I would have never imagined that the class would have resulted in such great and drastic changes in my life. This class gave me the confidence and the skill set I lacked to advance swiftly in my company and life. But most importantly, I have been able to ingrain these lessons in our three children. My daughter joined me this past weekend for the Art of Confident Living Weekend Retreat. She is turning 13 in a couple of weeks; she shared “I thought I was coming here to learn how to eat and be polite, I did not think I would be learning so much about myself through this class.”

Over the course of the last ten years, I have received several promotions increasing my salary by $46,000. When I started in an entry-level position in 2001, my annual salary was $21,792, at the time of the first class I was at $26,456. Since the first Art of Confident Living classI have improved both my technical and soft skills, and my current salary will top out next year at $72,456. I have received three major awards for performance during this time frame. This is a direct result of competent soft skills – 100%! Soft skills set you apart.

Thank you, Deborah, for changing the trajectory of my life!

~ Jen M., Washington

You have profoundly and permanently changed every aspect of my life for the better, and will forever be grateful for it. What you accomplish in the course of a week is truly miraculous!

~ Jennifer

The impact of training can last a day, a week or perhaps a year or more. Deborah’s training was different and focused on core human values that will last a lifetime. Our engagement with Deborah has left an indelible influence on our team. After our engagement, many have commented on how differently they now approach and engage in a social setting. Everyone feels more confident, more comfortable and above all, we sharpened our appreciation for civility and etiquette both in our personal and professional lives. I recommend Deborah’s services without reservation and I’m grateful we were able to avail ourselves of her exquisite knowledge and professionalism.

~John Murray, Laser Concepts

I want to thank you for an Etiquette class I took from you a few years ago. It was well worth the time and money to invest and I have noticed the difference with my interactions.

~ Deanne Nehring RN, BSN, CCRN

Deborah, I really have to thank you for the confidence, and yes, the power that you gave me in that one day of listening to you. In the class, I mentioned that I am an extreme introvert, but I didn’t say how over the past few years it got so bad that actually I have social anxiety. Not only is it difficult for me to speak to people, for fear of being judged by strangers and even people that I know, I really feared going into public crowded places. The mall, department and grocery stores are the worst.After attending The Art of Confident Living on Saturday, the next – Sunday – morning I actually got dressed – in the clothes that I wanted to be seen in – then I went to Wal-Mart and Kroger’s. I walked around both stores and didn’t feel scared, suffocated, or stared at, nor was I ready to run out the first door that I saw.The information about building my own image, presenting myself to the world the way I want to be known, and having people (not) judge me before they hear me, made lots of sense. I guess I can say that I’ve struggled with my identity for a number of reasons. I’ve done lots of research and read peoples thoughts on the subject, but seeing it in action put it in perspective. Now, I realize that so many other people are insecure also. The most liberating thing for me was knowing what I didn’t know. I always thought there was this BIG secret that I missed, and that everyone else knew and they secretly laughed at me because I didn’t know.Mesha, my daughter, really enjoyed herself also. All I have to say is that is PRICELESS! I would have paid three times that amount for her to hear that information, and we both will see you again. Thanks so much.

~ Mechale McDonald

I would like to thank you so much for the two days of training in business etiquette! You have answered so many questions in my mind that I had doubts for but could never find the right person or right moment to ask. As I said, the two days of training has given me a completely fresh pair of lenses in my interaction with people, not only at work, but also at home and other social settings. I’m sure it’ll change my life positively.

~G.L., Washington

I think about you often because a lot of what I learned from you, I still use to this day. The table etiquette was helpful, but I mean more along the lines of the business suggestions you had. Building bridges, adjusting your approach, handshakes (that’s so helpful in understanding someone’s personality), and even wearing knee-length skirts to exude power and confidence. I’ve incorporated a lot of these tips into my business relationships and how I present myself. I can’t get myself to wear panty hose in the summer, but all winter I do and I think you’re right. I’ve noticed subtle differences in the way people approach me and/or relate to me. So THANK YOU!!! Have you written a book for women in business? If not, you should!!!! Hope you’re doing well.

~ Julie Kinzie

Deborah changes people’s lives through her ‘missionary’ work on etiquette. It is her pulpit for preaching the ‘gospel’ of kindness, gratitude, manners and proper behavior. She is a visionary in seeing that these interpersonal skills, so necessary for success in life, were being lost or forgotten by each new generation of Americans. She acted on her vision by establishing a curriculum of courses for children, teens & young adults, knowing that her greatest impact would be through training our future citizens. She has raised the overall consciousness of etiquette, certainly for me and the way I interact with other people. I was already 75% of that type of person. But getting to know her, and receiving her valuable periodic e-mails with tips on social behavior, has helped me reach the next level and strive for the missing 25% at all times. To call me a fan would be an understatement. To see her value as an important Life Coach is closer to the Truth. By “raising the bar” with the standards she sets she simply helps us become better people and to have more fulfilling lives.

~ Harv Jaffe, Kirkland, WA

 What an amazing course! I have had a pretty successful career and I taught myself most of  the soft skills. It’s been serving me well, but I have always wondered whether there is a better way or whether I am missing something. This program lays out a holistic and solid foundation that gives me the confidence and skills to walk into any situation with ease and elegance. Exactly what I need. Thank you, Deborah!”

~Shirley, California

Deborah King does a spectacular job of transferring her passion for etiquette and instilling it into the hearts and minds of every audience she is able to work with. She is a dynamic speaker, trainer and is flexible enough to reach the diverse age range that she works with. There is such a tremendous need for etiquette training in our world of accepting “whatever” that the proper way to act in social situations is getting lost. Deborah’s passion for ‘the cause’ helps to revitalize the desire to know the right thing to do.The confidence that was achieved by the young men trained by Deborah was phenomenal. She did a tremendous job convincing them that knowing how to act in social situations would provide them with the confidence they need to be successful in every situation.

~ Linda S. Paulk, President of Snelling, Dallas, Texas

Confidence and an understanding of what you can be in life is what Final Touch Finishing School accomplishes. At age 18 our precious daughter Merrell was ready to venture out into the professional world. She had been given many opportunities from an early age to experience a wide variety of “life”. However, we noticed she needed some important personnel skills refined. Deborah King’s knowledge of image and fine etiquette details gave Merrell the perfect abilities to step out and begin her new journey with ease and confidence. Mrs. King thank you for the boost you gave our daughter.

~ Lynn and Debbie Bryant

As we look back on the skills that we learn as children, it seems that two; good command of the English language and good manners are the most important. I have literally not hired someone because of their bad manners, not wanting them to represent my Company. Ms King came and taught a class in my office. It was fun, entertaining, and enlightening. After attending, we all left with better skills and the confidence to better handle social situations. I would encourage anyone thinking about such a program to first look to Ms. King.

~ Susan F. Hayes, Branch Manager, John L. Scott Real Estate

Admittedly, I had high expectations of Deborah’s consulting expertise based on her website and her publications featuring professional guidelines for workplace etiquette. My expectations were exceeded within the first 15 minutes of Deborah’s day-long seminar. I recently contacted Deborah and requested a custom-design of her Final Touch Finishing School seminar for corporate protocol specifically for our unique company culture. The participants were fixed on Deborah all day and wanted more when it was over! I recommend Deborah especially for senior leadership coaching, particularly if the company in question requires travel and networking events for their executives / staff. Your company’s image will benefit greatly from the skills your employees obtain from Deborah King’s Final Touch Finishing School!

~ Kathryn Strenger

It has been my pleasure to work with Deborah King of Final Touch Finishing School during the past two years. During that timeframe she has lead multiple classes, instructing children at our Club in the art of etiquette. The feedback from children participating in the program and parents alike has been overwhelmingly positive. I highly recommend her classes for children of all ages.

~ Renee Risch, Membership Director, Meadowood Napa Valley

I just wanted to let you know that our Vice-Principal, Mrs. Johnson was thoroughly impressed with your lesson last week. And, excitingly enough, she said that she would always make sure that we had funding each year to allow the 8th graders the opportunity to have you instruct them on “proper” etiquette.Since September, Mrs. Volding and I have noticed that the children are always repeating your “words of wisdom.” And, we certainly use,“respect for self and others,” everyday that we teach. During our recent open house, many of the parents expressed gratitude for having your program in our school and wanted more information on the classes you offer outside of school. They said that their children were actually attempting to put into practice what they had learned!Andrea and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you doing this for us. Out of all the extra classes the children have, this is the one that they look most forward to having.

~ Ms. Volding and Ms. Hoss, Holy Trinity Catholic School, Grapevine, TX

Thank you so much for spending Saturday with our girls. I can see why you are in constant demand. Your ability to impart knowledge at appropriate age levels was superb and entertaining. All our feedback has been very positive.

~ Shirley Miller, Plymouth Park, United Methodist Church, TX

I told my daughter Reland, and her friend Olivia, they were going to a ‘Manners Camp’. Poor Olivia thought I said ‘Mariners Camp’ for baseball and was aghast when she realized what she was in for. When I picked the girls up three hours later I was amazed! They both were bubbling with information and excitement. We went to lunch and they showed me the correct way to hold their utensils, use their napkins and push in their chairs! I’m happy to say it wasn’t a flash in the pan, they continue to use what they learned. You must be the ‘Mary Poppins’ of manners to make two 9 year old tomboys so excited!

~ Gretchen Tuomi, Seattle, WA

Wow! What a fantastic job you do with teaching kids manners! We went out to dinner on Sunday and our daughter, Rowenna, spent the evening teaching (correcting) us what she had learned. It was a kick! She’s inspired to learn more and I can’t thank you enough for that. All I’m hearing are rave reviews from the other parents. Our manners event was a huge success.

~ Kelly Clark, Girl Scout Event, Bothell, WA

Deborah, thank you for your presentation. It was an overwhelming success and in fact we would like to have you come back next year. We thought your presentation was informative, lively, relevant and presented with a high degree of professionalism. You were terrific. Students are talking about the value of the evening and the information shared. All of the questions from students is a good indication of how effective you are and how relevant the topic is.

~ Naomi Sanchez, Ed.D., Director, MBA Career Services, University of WA

Deborah was able to effectively communicate the importance of etiquette in ways that I could not deliver the same message to my own family. As a former Department of Defense protocol officer I have worked with many experts in the field. Her knowledge was outstanding and her class for children was essential to helping positively position our family as we make impressions on clients while out in the community.

~ Amy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you so much for providing this Leadership Development Workshop for our new Board of Directors. It was very helpful in getting our new team acclimated to one another and setting our perspective in the right direction. We truly appreciate your help in setting the foundation for our future growth. We are blessed to have your partnership in our mission to address the homelessness of young adults in our community.

~ Elizabeth Wickman: The Lightening Alliance CDC