The Science of Business Etiquette

A joint presentation by Deborah King and Horacio Sanchez. This seminar seeks to provide each participant with a clear understanding of the science that produces human behavior and how to appropriately demonstrate this comprehensive understanding in important social situations.

Etiquette deals with rules for social interaction. Recently, researchers have discovered that these rules are based on the hardwiring of the human brain. Etiquette rules developed because of their positive impact on humans at a chemical level. When combined with brain science, etiquette generates a depth of understanding that produces a quiet confidence demonstrated by successful individuals around the world. Humans share one genome; consequently, rules of etiquette have relevance across cultures, genders and settings. Although human needs are universal, their expressions can take on important nuances based on nurture. For example:

  • Cultural Etiquette – Every culture has their own expression of ‘rules’ for behavior and dress.
  • Social Etiquette – This is based on age and gender. Here, deference is given to females and those who are elderly.
  • Business Etiquette – This is based on rank. Different courtesies are given to individuals based on position.
  • Manners – This is how we interact with one another. The foundation of all manners is the primal needs of the human brain and how to best meet these needs through expressions of kindness and respect for self, others, property and the environment.

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Horacio Sanchez

H SanchezHoracio Sanchez did his graduate work at Duke University. His diverse education and background has helped him to merge research, science and practice. He has utilized his training as an educator and clinician toward the education and treatment of children with severe emotional disorders. His approaches are not only based on sound scientific research, but have been the foundations of his award winning mental health and educational programs.

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