We often encourage our family members to “put on their best manners” when a guest comes to visit or when they go to an important event — as though “putting on” their best manners was like putting on a special outfit they might wear. The real goal should be to have manners become a part of them.

Based on 28 years of experience working with youth, we have found those who invest in social skills training, in addition to academics, athletics, and the arts, will give their child the ability to become a stronger leader and more confident individual.

Here are some ways you can invest in your child and teen:


While parents are the primary educator in a child’s life, we at Final Touch, offer our support through private programs and educational tools. Additionally, we periodically offer open programs for the general public and customized programs for your group.

Check our Events Schedule for current public offerings, or contact us at 206-510-5357 or, for more details about how you can avail yourself of a customized program for your group or personal coaching.

Young men and women, ages 16 & 17 years of age are welcome to attend adult classes when accompanied by an adult.

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