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Deluxe Life Skills Overnight Camp

Deluxe Life Skills Overnight Camp

Once a year twenty young women have the opportunity to experience a life-changing week with Deborah King at the Inn on the River in Glen Rose, Texas, which is located just SW of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. The food and accommodations are first-class at this corporate retreat center! This is not just another camp! Please visit our Deluxe Life Skills Overnight Camp page to learn more.

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Preparing for Graduation - Teen Etiquette Classes

Branding Yourself for Success

Academic preparation is critical, but to be branded for success you also need strong social skills. In this course you will learn how to make a positive and lasting impression; meet and greet others with ease; deliver a confident handshake; handle business cards and name tags; launch, linger and leave a conversation; listen effectively; overcome dining dilemmas; dress to succeed; set goals and manage time; handle technology; interview tips; and express an attitude of gratitude.


The ABC’s of a Successful Interview

The ABC’s of a Successful Interview

Preparation for your first job or college interview is key to a successful outcome. Now is the time to acquire the skills necessary to feel confident to take these next steps. Join us as we explore first impressions and appropriate clothing and grooming and practice introductions, handshaking, the art of conversation, filling out an application and walk through a mock interview.




Customized programs are available. Contact us at 206-510-5357 or email Deborah@finaltouchschool.com for more details.

Young men and women, 16-17 years of age, are welcome to attend adult classes when accompanied by an adult.