What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Power Piece

Did you know that a third piece can boost your authority?

Outstanding presentations require thoughtful preparation including reliable content, compelling language, and powerful nonverbal skills. If you want to project authority, there is one other element you don’t want to overlook: a power piece.

A third piece boosts your authorityA power piece is your third piece—a jacket, blazer, sweater, or vest. Adding a third piece over a shirt or dress boosts your authority. Try it for yourself! Stand in front of a full-length mirror wearing just a top and pants, and then add a blazer. You will instantly notice the difference!

A blazer or jacket that has straight lines, firm fabric, darker color, structure, and is tailored provides the highest level of authority. A sweater or vest with the soft fabric and rounded shapes creates a softer level of authority.

Clothing is a strategic tool. How can you use clothing to achieve your goals? When you want to project authority, don’t forget your power piece!

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