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Social skills are either setting the stage for your team’s success or sabotaging their performance.

Does your team enjoy coming to work, work effectively together, and engage clients in a way that make your business thrive? How we treat people matters. We do business with those we know, like, and trust. When our social skills fail, our business fails. In fact, failing social skills in the workplace cost US companies $500 billion per year. In response to social friction, 48% of employees decrease their work efforts, 66% experience performance declines, and 25% admit to taking their frustration out on clients! Social skills impact your company’s bottom line—hard.

Decades of research confirms that social skills are 6 times more important than technical skills for job success. Technical skills are essential, but it is social skills that allow us to leverage our analytical abilities. When we undermine these skills by calling them “soft” or presuming they are common sense (they are not!), we miss the opportunity to invest in our teams’ most critical resource: the ability to connect effectively with people. Social skills, like any other skill, must be learned and practiced. We can help!

We help teams develop social skills to SPARK™ connection in every setting. SPARK™ isn’t just based on our 30+ years of experience, but on emerging brain science. Teams leave our programs equipped with practical, science-backed tools to help them effectively engage, inspire, and lead. If you want your business to thrive, it’s time to equip your team. 

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What We Do
Final touch offers a brain-based approach to social skills training that is rooted in civility.
Final touch offers a brain-based approach to social skills training that is rooted in civility.

Learn to SPARK™ connection with our brain-based approach to social skills training. We deliver proven results based on over 30 years of industry experience and one guiding principle: all business is done between people, and people do business with those they know, like, and trust. With the goal of building powerful relationships, we provide training on these topics:

Final touch offers a brain-based approach to social skills training that is rooted in civility.
Brain Science and Social Skills Nebula
How We Do It
Connect with Final Touch and develop a plan to sharpen your team's social skills.


We listen and learn about your unique culture, goals, and any team dynamics and opportunities for growth. Together, we develop a custom plan to sharpen your team’s social skills based on your time constraints and budget.
Final Touch crafts practical, customized corporate etiquette training programs that focus on what matters to you.


We skillfully craft practical, customized programs that focus on what matters to you. Our content and exercises are tailored to your culture. We also design personalized training manuals to support your team and facilitate consolidated learning.
Final Touch comes to you or an offsite location to deliver an approachable, engaging, and interactive corporate program.


We know that social skills are best learned in a social environment. We come to you or an offsite location to deliver a thought-provoking, habit creating, interactive program. Your team leaves equipped with practical, science-backed tools that they have already practiced.
Final Touch forms long-term partnerships with our clients and provide ongoing support and corporate coaching.


We care deeply about your success. We form long-term partnerships with our clients and provide ongoing support and coaching to embed what has been learned.
How can we help?

What corporate leaders say about Final Touch

Organizations that trust Final Touch...
  • The Boeing Company
  • Microsoft
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Nordstrom
  • PwC
  • TD Ameritrade Institutional
  • TCS World Travel
  • Sentierre
  • BNSF Logistics
  • United States Navy
  • Oman Oil, Muscat, Oman
  • University of Washington
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Central Washington University
  • Meeting Professional International
  • American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL)
  • Transfield Services
  • Texas Farm Bureau
  • Mission Advancement
  • BB&T Wealth Management
  • D Magazine
  • Foundation Management Services
  • Cobb, Fendley & Associates, Inc.
  • The Noble Research Institute
  • John L. Scott
  • Meadowood Napa Valley
  • Wise County Clerks
  • General Plastics Manufacturing Company
  • Versacor Managed Pest Solutions
  • Koelsch Senior Communities
  • Mehrer Drywall, Inc.

“The impact of training can last a day, a week or perhaps a year or more. Deborah’s training was different and focused on core human values that will last a lifetime. Our engagement with Deborah has left an indelible influence on our team. After our engagement, many have commented on how differently they now approach and engage in a social setting. Everyone feels more confident, more comfortable and above all, we sharpened our appreciation for civility and etiquette both in our personal and professional lives. I recommend Deborah’s services without reservation and I’m grateful we were able to avail ourselves of her exquisite knowledge and professionalism.”

John Murray, President and CEO of Concept Laser, Inc.
More Client Feedback...

“Admittedly, I had high expectations of Deborah’s consulting expertise based on her website and her publications. My expectations were exceeded within the first 15 minutes of Deborah’s day-long seminar. I recently contacted Deborah and requested a custom-design seminar for corporate protocol specifically for our unique company culture. The participants were fixed on Deborah all day and wanted more when it was over! I recommend Deborah especially for senior leadership coaching, particularly if the company in question requires travel and networking events for their executives / staff. Your company’s image will benefit greatly from the skills your employees obtain from Deborah King’s Final Touch!”

Kathryn Strenger

“My engineering team recently took Deborah King’s class on Professional Presence as a team building event, and we were impressed with the professionalism and grace she demonstrated from the first greeting to final goodbyes. She captured the attention of a room full of engineers for the entire 6-hour course. The goal for this team building exercise was to instill and reinforce great social skills to the engineering department. Deborah accomplished these goals by first explaining the foundation and reasons to develop our social skills and then demonstrating how civility, table manners, and overall social presence should be implemented in the modern workplace. My team cannot stop talking about what they learned during Deborah’s course and is telling everyone they can about the experience! I highly recommend this program for all professionals!”

Roger Roby, Director of Engineering at BNSF Logistics

“Deborah’s session helped our team reset our thinking about how nonverbal communication (especially attire) sends powerful messages to our customers and prospects. It opened some healthy dialogue about how we want to brand ourselves and hold each other accountable to the standards we set as a company.”

Jennifer Lehman, President of Mission Advancement

“Thank you so much for providing this Leadership Development Workshop for our new Board of Directors. It was very helpful in getting our new team acclimated to one another and setting our perspective in the right direction. We truly appreciate your help in setting the foundation for our future growth.”

Elizabeth Wickman, Founder of The Lightening Alliance CDC

“The Power of a Gentleman was a course that not only helped polish our employees but gave them confidence in appearance, dining, and communication. Our team came away with actionable items to apply in the workplace, as well as their personal lives.”

Zack Cherry, President of Cherry Coatings

“I just want to say THANK YOU for introducing us to Deborah King and allowing her to come in and help us in areas that we did not recognize that we needed help in. I believe after this life changing experience we can ALL work together drama free and be able to help one another using our power, presence and warmth techniques. That was one of the best gifts that i have received from Transfield Services. I am proud to be part of a team that will not allow me to fail and is willing to help me grow.”

Tameka Fisk, Transfield Services

“Deborah recently taught a class on dining etiquette to our group of young professionals. She was a fantastic instructor – extremely knowledgeable about etiquette and civility, and also a very skilled presenter. She engaged with our group really well, and we all left with an improved understanding of the importance of etiquette and civility as we move forward in our careers. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an educational (and entertaining) class – you will definitely get a lot out of it!”

Varun Bhatnagar, Associate at Strategy&, part of the PwC network

“Thank you, Deborah, for the wonderful presentation you did for our annual company meeting. Everyone has been talking about it and really appreciated the fact that we chose to have a speaker on a non-industry topic. It seemed to reflect the message that we really care about them as people, and not just as workers (which of course we do!). Your speaking style is very engaging (I guess you’ve done this before!) and your ability to hold an audience’s attention for 3 hours is impressive. I will definitely reach out to you for our meeting next year.”

Eric Eicher, Founder and Director of Versacor Enterprises, LLC.

“Deborah presented a half day seminar for our attorneys and paralegals titled “Polishing your Professionalism”. Her presentation was inventive with great ideas and real life situations that everyone could use. She easily connected with our entire group due to her personality and detailed knowledge of the subject.”

Christina Sandman, Soha & Lang, P.S.

“Deborah King’s knowledge helps us all to remember that how we act and how we dress will leave a lasting impression with everyone we meet. Our firm has hired Deborah’s etiquette services more than once; bringing more benefits to each of us as an individual, yet more importantly bringing benefits which flow over into our business, to our staff and to our clients. Deborah’s compassion about her teaching is an inspiration and I wholly recommend Deborah’s consulting services.”

Bobbie Olsen, Yturri Rose LLP

“I contracted Deborah to instruct my employees in Professional Development. Deborah’s class was received very well by my employees and we all gained from her knowledge and expertise. Feedback from my employees was not only positive, but useful and appreciated. We all took valuable information from the class and have utilized it in our day to day business operations. The best part of the class for me as an employer was to note the improvement in our employees’ communication with each other and our customers. Communication is key to success.”

Deborah Mann, Owner and President of Mann Refrigeration
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