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Join us for an in-person program to experience our thought-provoking, habit-creating, interactive curriculum. We offer dynamic public workshops in small group settings that anyone can enroll in. We know from science and experience that social skills are best learned in a social environment. Get equipped with science-backed tools that you will practice in a safe space with us!

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“Life changing! I left with a new mindset and practical skills.”

“Life changing! I left with a new mindset and practical skills.”

“It profoundly and permanently changed every aspect of my life.”

“It profoundly and permanently changed every aspect of my life.”

“My expectations were exceeded within the first 15 minutes.”

“My expectations were exceeded within the first 15 minutes.”

“Inventive with great ideas and real-life situations.”

“Inventive with great ideas and real-life situations.”

"The sessions were motivational and empowering."

“The sessions were motivational and empowering.”

“I wish the class lasted longer!”

“I wish the class lasted longer!”

“I feel more confident and comfortable.”

“I feel more confident and comfortable.”
Let’s Get Social
1-Day Adult Course

How we treat people is the ultimate game changer, but dealing with people is a challenge, especially today! If you find yourself unsure of what to do, rest assured that it isn’t you! As our world changes, so should our social skills. Everything from how we dress to how we speak to people is shifting. You likely spent years investing in your technical ability, but have you ever invested in updating your social skills? Let’s Get Social will provide you with the skills needed today. Is this class worth it? Just ask Jennifer: “This class gave me the confidence and the skill set I lacked to advance swiftly in my company and life. I have received several promotions increasing my salary, and I have received three major awards for performance. This is a direct result of competent soft skills – 100%! Soft skills set you apart. Thank you for changing the trajectory of my life!” 

The Art of Confident Living - ACL Final Touch
The Art of Confident Living
Weekend Women’s Retreat

Ladies, do you ever find yourself wondering what to say, what to do, or what to wear? Do you desire to live more confidently? Social skills are either setting the stage for your success or sabotaging your relationships. Stop second-guessing yourself and learn proven techniques to transform your appearance, modern etiquette skills, and communication at The Art of Confident Living, our three-day confidence boosting retreat for women. Women of every age and background attend the retreat to enjoy a beautiful weekend away while gaining practical, life-changing tools. See why women leave this transformative program saying, “I would have never imagined that The Art of Confident Living would have resulted in such great and drastic changes in my life.”

Deluxe Life Skills
Deluxe Life Skills
Week-Long Camp for Young Women

Ladies, do you feel prepared to confidently enter the next phase of your life? New settings require new skills. Whether you are transitioning to college, the workplace, or a new professional endeavor, your social skills will either set the stage for your success or sabotage your performance. Once a year, twenty young women from a wide range of backgrounds gather to experience a transformative week at Deluxe Life Skills. This powerful leadership program equips you with a profound sense of confidence as you master critical skills that you will use for a lifetime.

Art of Etiquette for Youth Course
Modern Etiquette for Youth
Full Day Youth Course
Today’s youth face new challenges from ever-changing technology, increasingly busy schedules, and constantly shifting social norms. Now more than ever, strong social skills are the key to having strong self-esteem, meaningful friendships, and leadership capacity. Although children rarely beg for the opportunity to attend a manners class, the participants of this engaging, hands-on course have fun (really!) and leave wanting more.
Final Touch In Person Coaching
Private Consulting
Customized In-Person Coaching
Are you searching for individualized training and flexible course dates to target specific needs? Discover how you can partner one-on-one with us to catapult your confidence, transform your relationships, and expand your influence. Contact us to learn more about our private, brain-based social skills coaching.
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What People say about Final Touch

“I would have never imagined that my experience at Final Touch would have resulted in such great and drastic changes in my life. This class gave me the confidence and the skill set I lacked to advance swiftly in my company and life. I have received several promotions increasing my salary, and I have received three major awards for performance. This is a direct result of competent soft skills - 100%! Soft skills set you apart. Thank you for changing the trajectory of my life!”

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"You have profoundly and permanently changed every aspect of my life for the better, and I will forever be grateful for it. What you accomplish in the course of a week is truly miraculous!”


"I would like to thank you so much for the two days of training in business etiquette! You have answered so many questions in my mind that I had doubts for but could never find the right person or right moment to ask. The two days of training has given me a completely fresh pair of lenses in my interactions with people, not only at work, but also at home and other social settings. I’m sure it will change my life positively."


"I really enjoyed your class and was fascinated by what you were teaching. I felt like it is things we all think we should know already, but you were showing why it is all so important. I am really excited to get started on my personal development."


"I truly wish I had had this available to me when I was younger. I am positive it would've made a world of difference in the decisions I made … all of the millions of events I've bowed out of and ways I've limited myself because I felt so truly inept and uncomfortable. I'm going with 'it's never too late to learn'."


"I really have to thank you for the confidence, and yes, the power that you gave me in that one day of listening to you. The most liberating thing for me was knowing what I didn't know. I always thought there was this BIG secret that I missed, and that everyone else knew and they secretly laughed at me because I didn't know. [M]y daughter really enjoyed herself also. All I have to say is that [it] is PRICELESS! I would have paid three times that amount for her to hear that information, and we both will see you again. Thanks so much."


"I've had a wonderful experience with Final Touch. The biggest thing I've incorporated into my life is being more thoughtful about how I'm interacting with other people. Professionally I've found myself being less casual in speech and dress, which I think has increased people's respect for me. I would recommend Final Touch to everyone! It isn't about being snobby or overly stiff. Being a gentleman means knowing how to dress and behave in a way that gives you the best chance of treating yourself and others respectfully, knowing how to actually do good versus just talk about it. Good etiquette makes the world a better, kinder, more connected place."


"So often we are told to be confident, and yet we aren’t taught how. Here we learned how to boost our power and be taken seriously without giving up our warmth and approachability. How to hold our chin level with the ground and still smile. This week was about so much more than changing how other people see us, it was about changing how we see ourselves."


"The women's overnight program was a real eye opener. The content Deborah delivered was so much more than thank you cards and dining skills—it was a soft skills boot camp for success. I will be attending another session!"


"Wow!!! Deborah is not just a teacher, she is a coach, a mother, and a genuine person. The training sessions felt like motivational, empowering sessions. I did not just learn about civility, social capital, first impressions, personal branding, table etiquette, communication skills and entertaining, my world view was transformed for the better. The course has totally changed the way I feel about myself and the way I present myself to the public, especially in a professional environment. In my everyday life, it has changed how I treat people, how I eat in public, and most of all how I dress to work and other events. For that I say thank you so much."


"I truly enjoyed this past weekend. It was the best thing I could have done for myself and I feel so blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful class of ladies. You have such a wonderful gift in how you teach your classes. It is not "stuffy". There is warmth, humor, and it is genuine and real. I wish the class lasted longer! I look forward to Art of Confident Living II."


"Words cannot describe the positive difference the Art of Confident Living Retreat has made in my quest for refinement and excellence. Thank you!"


"Sales and management companies tend to invest many thousands of dollars on programs derived from a sales and marketing perspective in the ABC’s of sales or ‘Always Be Closing’. While that is important to that driven “A” personality type (myself included) – it does not take into consideration sales-peoples' abilities to actively LISTEN, or how civility, manners and personal interactions play into the overall sales success process. Final Touch School has developed a way to bring out the best in myself and others. Recognizing the capabilities I’ve always had, and helping me to develop them further, especially for sales and leadership coaching. Your perspectives of networking, civility, manners and customer interactions has contributed to my sales accomplishments and I believe is a significant reason why advancement has occurred in my industry."


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