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When you walk into a room or a virtual meeting, do you know what to do? What to say? What to wear? Do you know how to connect with people?

How we treat people is the ultimate game changer. Decades of research confirms that social skills are six times more important than technical skills for success. You likely spent years investing in your technical ability, but have you ever invested in your social skills? Our mission is to improve how people connect with each other.  We are passionate about equipping people with the skills to cultivate connection because we believe one simple principle: Social skills are either setting the stage for your success or sabotaging your performance.

Learn to SPARK™ connection with our social skills training and get equipped with practical tools to help you effectively engage, inspire, and lead. If you want to change your life, it’s time to change your skills. How do you want to be remembered?

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Our Approach
Final touch offers a brain-based approach to social skills training that is rooted in civility.
The Mission

Our mission is to improve how people connect with each other. The not-so-secret key to success is that relationships matter—a lot! We do life and business with those we know, like, and trust. Creating better connection starts here: How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

The Method

SPARK™ is our science-backed method to cultivate connection. This powerful social skills model is based on our biologically hardwired need for connection. SPARK™ teaches you how to read the room and equips you with practical tools to connect with people in every situation you encounter.

The Tools

Experience interactive training on modern social skills, including:

Final touch offers a brain-based approach to social skills training that is rooted in civility.
Brain Science and Social Skills Nebula

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We craft customized training programs for organizations and teams.

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What People say about Final Touch

Experience why people leave our programs saying...

“This class gave me the confidence and the skill set I lacked to advance swiftly in my company and life. I have received several promotions increasing my salary, and I have received three major awards for performance. This is a direct result of competent soft skills – 100%! Soft skills set you apart. Thank you, Deborah, for changing the trajectory of my life!”


“So often we are told to be confident, and yet we aren’t taught how. Here, we learned how to boost our power and be taken seriously without giving up our warmth and approachability. How to hold our chin level with the ground and still smile. This week was about so much more than changing how other people see us, it was about changing how we see ourselves. Entering into this experience, I wouldn’t have thought that a week could change a person with any level of depth or permanence. Yet, that it what I saw happen in every woman including myself. Not only has Final Touch given me the beginnings of a myriad of skills, it has instilled in me a desire to keep developing those skills and inspired me to work towards becoming the woman I want to be.”


“The impact of training can last a day, a week or perhaps a year or more. Deborah’s training was different and focused on core human values that will last a lifetime. Deborah has left an indelible influence on our team. Many have commented on how differently they now approach and engage in a social setting. Everyone feels more confident, more comfortable and above all, we sharpened our appreciation for civility and etiquette both in our personal and professional lives. I recommend Deborah’s services without reservation and I’m grateful we were able to avail ourselves of her exquisite knowledge and professionalism.”

John Murray, President and CEO of Concept Laser, Inc.

“I truly wish I had had this available to me when I was younger. I am positive it would’ve made a world of difference in the decisions I made … all of the millions of events I’ve bowed out of and ways I’ve limited myself because I felt so truly inept and uncomfortable. I’m going with ‘it’s never too late to learn.'”


“My engineering team recently took Deborah King’s class on Professional Presence as a team building event, and we were impressed with the professionalism and grace she demonstrated from the first greeting to final goodbyes. She captured the attention of a room full of engineers for the entire 6-hour course. The goal for this team building exercise was to instill and reinforce great social skills to the engineering department. Deborah accomplished these goals by first explaining the foundation and reasons to develop our social skills and then demonstrating how civility, table manners, and overall social presence should be implemented in the modern workplace. My team cannot stop talking about what they learned during Deborah’s course and is telling everyone they can about the experience! I highly recommend this program for all professionals!”

Roger Roby, Director of Engineering at BNSF Logistics

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Watch Deborah speak on “Civility in the Workplace” (2 min).
Dinner Table Etiquette with the Mann Family (2:37)

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