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Phone Skills

Do you remember basic phone etiquette?

Making a phone call sounds simple, doesn’t it? But for those of us who haven’t used the call feature recently, it is easy to forget how to make a proper call. A phone call is not just about conveying information; it is a valuable opportunity to connect with another person. Make the most of these moments by brushing up on your basic phone etiquette.

Sharpen your phone skills with these 5 etiquette tips:

  1. Ask yourself: is a phone call the best way to communicate your message?When we are face-to-face, we have the benefit of using all our communication tools. When we move to a phone call, we lose all nonverbal messages and a lot of important context. Make sure the message you are about to deliver is appropriate for a phone call.
  2. Initiate the call. In a quiet place, take your phone off speaker phone and make the call. Say hello, state your name, and (if applicable) ask for the person you would like to speak with. “Hello! This is Deborah King. Is Melissa Case-Merritt available?” Remember to smile! The person on the other end of the call cannot see your smile, but they can hear it.
  3. Answer the call. Say hello with a smile. Speak clearly and loud enough to be heard. If you are uncertain, ask! We are easily distracted on the phone and a poor connection or low volume makes paying attention very difficult.
  4. Engage. If the call was not scheduled, ask if it is a good time to talk. Listen carefully! Active listening requires a lot of energy. Ask questions and keep the tone of your voice upbeat. Avoid multi-tasking. Even though the person you are speaking with cannot see you, they can sense (and hear) if you are paying attention. Focus on the person you are speaking with just as you would in a face-to-face conversation. Give the gift of your attention!
  5. Say goodbye. Thank the person for their time, restate any follow-up items, and say good-bye.

How do you want to be remembered? 

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