What Do Your Clothes Say About You?


Do you know how to boost your credibility with a third piece?

Clothing communicates! People assume over a dozen things about you when they first see you, including how competent you are. It is not fair, but it is real. Your appearance is your largest non-verbal communicator; it is the first and strongest clue broadcasting your credibility.

First impressions don’t give others much to go on as they try to understand who you are. Clothing is an instant messaging system that immediately sets people’s expectations for your performance. It is simple: what people see is what they expect.

Do you know how to instantly boost your credibility by adding a third piece to your outfit?

The third piece is your power piece. Adding a jacket, sweater, or vest to your outfit instantly boosts your credibility and perceived authority. Try it for yourself! Stand in front of a full-length mirror wearing a shirt and pants—and then put on a blazer. You will see the difference a third piece makes!

Any third piece will elevate your image and make you look more pulled together. How do you choose between adding a sweater, jacket, or blazer to complete your look? It depends on your goals.

Firmer, structured garments convey more power than softer, less structured garments. For example, a tailored blazer made of firm fabric that has straight lines conveys a higher level of authority than a sweater made of soft fabric and rounded shapes.

Clothing is a strategic tool. Where are you going? Who are your meeting? What is your objective? When you want to project credibility and authority, don’t forget your third piece!

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