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Soup Etiquette

Do you know how to eat soup? (hint: it’s eaten differently than cereal!)

Have you ever chosen not to order a delicious bowl of soup because you weren’t quite sure how to eat it or were worried that you would wear more than you ate? You aren’t alone! Soup can challenge even the most skilled diner. Thankfully, there is a handy rhyme that makes eating soup simple and keeps you drip-free!

Begin by choosing the spoon on the far right and allow the soup to cool (no blowing). The trick is to scoop the soup away from you in the bowl. What exactly does that mean?

  1. Dip your spoon into the soup at the edge of the bowl closest to you and then scoop the soup away from you (towards the back of the bowl).
  2. To reduce drips, gently tap the underside of the spoon on the far edge of the bowl as you lift the spoon out of the soup.
  3. Lean slightly forward so any drips fall back into the bowl not your lap!
  4. Sip the soup from the side of the spoon (the wide edge) not the tip.

A handy rhyme to remember this technique by is “out to sea and back to me.”

What about cereal and other foods eaten with a spoon? Unlike soup, you scoop cereal towards you in the bowl and then place the bite into your mouth from the tip of the spoon.

Always leave the bowl on the table, avoid slurping sounds, and never place a used spoon back on to the table. Rest the spoon behind the bowl on the under plate or leave the spoon in the bowl if there is no under plate. Happy eating!

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