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Do you know what NOT to place on the dinner table?

Dining table décor comes in all shapes and sizes. Some tables are adorned with fancy dishes and beautiful flowers while others hold paper plates and toddler cups. While their appearances may vary, all dining tables share the same sacred purpose: they bring people together.

When we have the privilege of gathering around the table our focus should be on cultivating connection, and dining etiquette helps us do just that! Knowing how to navigate a meal helps us focus on the people present, which begins with knowing what to set on the table.

Do you know what NOT to place on the dinner table?

Non-food related items should stay off the table. They disrupt the flow of the meal and help break connection. Here are five things that should not be part of your table décor:

  1. Phones. Silence your phone and put it out of sight. Every time you look at your phone in the presence of others you are communicating that something or someone is more important than the people present. Honor people with your attention.
  2. Handbags. Place large handbags on the floor. Small handbags may either go on your lap under your napkin, or behind you on your chair.
  3. Wallets & Keys. Place personal items in your pocket or on your lap under your napkin.
  4. Elbows. It is true that elbows do not belong on the table when food is present. However, few know that your elbows are welcome to rest at the table’s edge before food is served, between courses, and at the end of a meal.
  5. Masks. Place your mask in your handbag, your pocket, or on your lap under your napkin.

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