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Where To Take A Call

Did you know that there is a proper place to take a phone call?

Although phone booths have nearly disappeared from the landscape, the need to step away from others to take or place a call has not. Where should you take a phone call? Not in the presence of others. This includes your barista, cashier, bank teller, friend, and colleague.

A face-to-face interaction should always take priority over a phone call. Talking on your phone in the presence of other people sends the message that your phone conversation is more important than the people around you. Instead, your full attention should be placed on those present and your phone should be placed on silent. Besides, no one wants to hear the details of your dinner plans or how much your mother-in-law drives you crazy.

What if you must take an important call? First, be certain that the call is actually important. The doctor calling regarding your sick child is important. A call about your next social engagement can likely wait. If possible, tell the person you are with that you are expecting an urgent call. When the call arrives, excuse yourself, step away (if possible), keep the call brief, and then thank the person for waiting.

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