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Master Critical Social Skills

Most of our programs are custom designed for private groups and companies. As we have availability, we open enrollment to a select number of public courses designed to refine your social skills both professionally and personally. Public courses are affordable and are generally limited to 25 participants to ensure individual attention.

If you want to learn how to navigate a multi-course meal, elevate your personal brand, confidently engage in meaningful conversations, or pull together an effective wardrobe, these courses are for you! To enroll in one of our public courses, please register online.

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10 Qualities of a Modern Gentleman

Is being a gentleman an archaic concept? Or is it still relevant today? Does the word “gentleman” conjure images of an ancient knight in shining...

You Don’t Always Get What You See

“That’s not what I said!” “You weren’t paying attention!” “Were you even in that meeting?” Miscommunication. It happens to all of us. A seemingly...

Etiquette Evolves: Are You Equipped?

Mention etiquette at your next social event and marvel at your ability to suck the air out of the room (trust us, we know!). After a long pause,...

Beat Isolation With Acknowledgement

We live in a world plagued by isolation. The morning alarm starts a mad dash to complete an overflowing to-do list before we drop in bed for the...

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