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5 Modern Etiquette Tips

Do you know the 5 modern etiquette rules that you should embrace this year?

While the do’s and don’ts of etiquette change over time, its heartbeat remains the same. Kindness and compassion are timeless virtues, whose expression can look a little different as the world evolves.

We spend a lot of time updating our technical skills, but how many of us ever pause to consider whether our social skills are operating on outdated software? It makes sense. No one jumps for joy when their phone reminds them to accept the most recent update, and we can be even more resistant when it comes to our behavior.

We are here to help! Let’s elevate our personal and professional interactions by brushing up on these 5 modern rules of etiquette:

  1. Acknowledge People. This sounds obvious, but it isn’t. We spend our days in our own little bubbles, with our faces buried in our phones. We miss the barista, our colleagues in the elevator and hallway, and even our spouses and kids! Bursting our bubble long enough to acknowledge the humans in our world is a powerful, environment-shifting practice. Look people in the eye, smile, and say hello. This simple practice tells others that you see them, and it means a lot.
  2. Say Please and Thank You. Your mother is still right on this one. Please and thank you ARE magic words. Use them and enjoy the results. A Stanford study found that if someone thanks you for your help, you are twice as likely to help them again in the future and more than twice as likely to help someone else. Talk about a ripple effect!
  3. Stand for Introductions. It used to be that women could remain seated during an introduction, but not anymore! Both men and women should stand and face the person they are meeting to show respect for themselves and the other person. If you remain seated while greeting a person who is standing, you give the other person a posture of power over you. Smile, make eye contact, and stand!
  4. Use First Names. Drop the Mr. and Miss/Ms./Mrs. when addressing adults. The cultural norm in the United States is to use first names in conversations unless corporate culture dictates otherwise. Follow the lead of others and make sure to do your research on name norms when traveling internationally.
  5. Stay Home When Sick. The days of showing up sick to work or an event were never ok and are officially over. Show kindness and respect to those around you by staying home when you are sick.

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