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How To Introduce Others

Do you know how to introduce people?

Introducing others with confidence is an essential social skill. People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Introductions are the gateway to being both known and liked! Introducing others is a GIFT that puts people at ease, opens the gateway to trust, and demonstrates that you value them. What could be better?

Fortunately, introducing people gets easier with practice. Let’s tackle 3 steps to a great introduction and start practicing today!

3 Steps to Confidently Introduce Others

1.  Make Eye Contact: Your body speaks volumes before you say a word! Remember the basics: stand tall, smile warmly, and make eye contact with each person as you say their name.

The goal is to put people at ease. Upright and open posture conveys confidence. A warm smile is contagious and will help others relax (and smile in return!). Direct everyone’s attention to the proper person by making good eye contact with each person you introduce.

2.  Introduce Others: In a clear voice, speak to the person you want to honor first (client, boss, grandparent, guest of honor, etc.). Use full names and titles only when appropriate.

  • Professionally: “Ms. President, I would like to introduce Mr. New Employee. Mr. New Employee, this is Ms. President.”
  • Socially: “Dad, I would like you to meet my friend Lindsay. Lindsay, this is my Dad, Mr. Brown/Tom.”

Use a clear, loud voice and speak slowly. Keep smiling!

3.  Share: Share information that helps those being introduced connect with each other. The goal is to help them find common ground.

  • Professionally: “Mr. New Employee will be working with our remote vendors. Ms. President has been leading our company for 17 years.”
  • Socially: “Lindsay and I play soccer together at school. My Dad runs marathons just like your Dad does, Lindsay.”

Introducing others creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. We all get nervous or distracted and fail to introduce people sometimes. A forgotten introduction is usually unintentional. When you enter a new space, take the initiative to introduce yourself if no one else does!

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