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Curbside Tipping

Do you know how much to tip for curbside service?

Tipping is a part of American culture. It is one of the ways that we show gratitude to those who serve us and is a critical part of restaurant employees’ incomes. A standard tip when dining in a full-service restaurant is 20%, which is often split between your server, bartender, and other restaurant employees. What about curbside service? When restaurant meals are boxed and picked up at the curb, what is an appropriate tip?

We suggest that you tip 15% to 20% when picking up a curbside order. Adverse weather conditions, special requests, and complicated orders warrant a more generous tip.

You may not be sitting in a restaurant, having your drink refilled, and leaving the cleanup to someone else—but you are still being served! You enjoy the convenience of having someone make your food, pack it up, and bring it to you in the comfort of your own car (perhaps while you are wearing cozy slippers!). Remember that this tip will be split among several employees who are working hard and rely on tips as part of their wages.

Err on the side of generosity! A few extra dollars can mean a lot and supporting local restaurants during these tough times may help them stay in business.

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