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Do you know how to hold a wine glass?

Knowing how to hold a wine glass doesn’t just make you look good. It makes your wine taste better! One reason most wine glasses have a stem is to help maintain the temperature of the wine. Different wines should be served at different temperatures. White wines are generally served colder than red wines, but there is quite a range of ideal temperatures!

When your host goes to the trouble of serving you a glass of wine at the perfect temperature, don’t ruin the experience by holding the wine glass by its bowl. Wrapping your hand around the bowl of the glass heats the wine and leaves your grubby fingermarks on the beautiful glass. What do you do instead?

How to hold a wine glasshow to hold a wine glass

Hold your wine glass by its stem. Pinch the stem with your thumb, pointer, and middle finger. Depending on the length of the stem, you may want to rest your ring and pinkie fingers on the base of the glass. At events, hold the glass with your left hand so that your right hand is free to greet others!

What if your glass has no stem? Hold a stemless wine glass near the base.

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