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Do you know where to stand on an elevator?

Elevators are awkward places. These small, enclosed spaces where strangers often stand only inches apart can make the most confident person feel a bit uncomfortable. We all have our own elevator pet peeves including endless chatter, strong odors, staring, and gum smacking. In fact, the top five most annoying elevator habits according to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder are:

  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Not holding the door open
  • Invading one’s “personal space”
  • “Squeezing” into an elevator
  • Cutting in line

Do you know when to enter an elevator and where to stand once you get on? Elevator etiquette is especially important now. Most buildings posted new elevator guidelines including a limit on the number of passengers and mask requirements. You should follow posted guidelines and these five elevator etiquette tips to make riding an elevator less awkward for everyone.

Where to stand on an elevator

  1. Let passengers exit the elevator before you enter.
  2. Know where to stand (see handy diagram!).
    • FIRST passenger stands by the control panel.
    • SECOND passenger stands in the back opposite corner.
    • THIRD passenger stands near the door opposite the first passenger.
    • FOURTH passenger stands in the other back corner.
    • FIFTH passenger stands in the middle.
  3. Face forward and keep your arms, hands, and personal items close to your body.
  4. Limit interactions to a smile and brief eye contact.
  5. Ask the person closest to the control panel to enter your desired floor and say, “thank you!”

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