What Do Your Clothes Say About You?


Do you know who should initiate a handshake?

We have all encountered that awkward moment when we meet someone and wonder if we should shake hands and—if so—who should extend their hand first?

Why do we hesitate in these moments? Because handshakes matter! Handshakes are among the first nonverbal clues that we get about someone’s personality, and that clue speaks volumes. Think of the last time you received a bone crushing grip or a “dead fish” grasp instead of an appropriately firm handshake. The shake you received created an impression that you remembered.

In the West, initiating a handshake signals confidence and leadership. It conveys that you are direct and in control. But who should shake hands first?

When meeting a higher-ranking person in a business context, wait briefly for that person to extend their hand first. In all other situations, step up and be the one to initiate a handshake. 

Do not miss this powerful opportunity to physically connect with another person.  A handshake is the only appropriate form of touch in business and is an influential way to convey feelings of competence, warmth, strength, and connection. A well delivered handshake will leave you remembered for the right reasons.

How do you want to be remembered?

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