Do you know how to hold a wine glass?

Knowing how to hold a wine glass doesn’t just make you look good. It makes your wine taste better! When your host goes to the trouble of serving you a glass of wine at the perfect temperature, don’t ruin the experience by holding the wine glass by its bowl. Wrapping your hand around the bowl of the glass heats the wine and leaves your grubby fingermarks on the beautiful glass. What do you do instead?

Learn how to hold a wine glass in this month’s “Do You Know?”


Do you know what most people screw-up when texting?

Remember when texting took forever because you had to painstakingly enter the message on a numerical keypad? Nearly 30 years later (wowza!), texting is fast, convenient, and the norm. It has dramatically changed the way we communicate. Just because we text all the time, doesn’t mean we do it correctly. Do you know what most people screw-up when texting?

Learn how to avoid a common texting mistake in this month’s “Do You Know?”


Do you know how to boost your credibility with a third piece?

Clothing communicates! People assume over a dozen things about you when they first see you, including how competent you are. It is not fair, but it is real. Clothing is an instant messaging system that immediately sets people’s expectations for your performance. It is simple: what people see is what they expect.

Learn how to instantly boost your credibility by adding a third piece to your outfit in this month’s “Do You Know?”


Do you know what NOT to say when complimented?

Think about the last time you received a compliment. “You look great!” “Awesome job on that project.” How did you respond? Did you handle the compliment well? Here is a hint: there is only one correct response to a sincere compliment.

Learn what NOT to say when complimented (and the only correct response to praise) in this month’s “Do You Know?”


Do you know that your clothes have superpowers?

How did Clark Kent transform from a mild-mannered reporter into a world-saving superhero? He changed his clothes! Clark Kent became Superman by putting on his cape, which changed how he interacted with the world. Like Superman, your clothes have superpowers too!

We know that our clothes influence how others see us, but did you know that clothing also influences how you see yourself and how you think? Learn about how your clothes impact your performance in this month’s “Do You Know?”

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