Do you know what to do when you forget someone’s name?

Have you ever enjoyed a great conversation with someone you just met, but you forget their name the moment you walk away? Ugh, this feels so embarrassing and is so common. What do you do? Do you pretend like you know it and just skip using their name? Do you tell them that you forgot? Do you run the other way to avoid speaking to them altogether?

Learn how to gracefully handle forgetting someone’s name in this month’s “Do You Know?”


Do you know how to introduce yourself?

Every relationship begins with an introduction. Amazing friendships and life-changing business opportunities lie on the other side of a simple “hello.” But meeting new people can be a challenge, and many of us freeze or flee (let’s hope we don’t fight!) instead of introducing ourselves.

Learn how to confidently introduce yourself AND what to say next in this month’s “Do You Know?”


Do you know what NOT to place on the dinner table?

Dining table décor comes in all shapes and sizes. Some tables are adorned with fancy dishes and beautiful flowers while others hold paper plates and toddler cups. While their appearances may vary, all dining tables share the same sacred purpose: they bring people together.

When we have the privilege of gathering around the table our focus should be on cultivating connection, and dining etiquette helps us do just that! Knowing how to navigate a meal helps us focus on the people present, which begins with knowing what to set on the table.

Learn five things that should not be part of your table décor in this month’s “Do You Know?”


Do you know when to talk instead of text?

When was the last time you used your phone to call someone? For many, the answer is probably, “I don’t remember!” Why don’t we use our phones as phones anymore? Why do we text instead of talk?

If you choose to text because you think a phone call will be too awkward or time consuming, you aren’t alone. In a recent experiment, researchers randomly assigned strangers to connect either by texting or talking by phone. Participants expected to feel more comfortable connecting with the stranger by text. Were they right? Did they feel less awkward, save time, and connect just as well by texting instead of talking by phone?

Learn what the researchers discovered about talking v. texting in this month’s “Do You Know?”


Do you know how to graciously give gift cards?

Selecting the perfect gift can be tricky. What do you get for the person who has everything, likes nothing, or lives far away? We give to honor people. Gift cards are a great gift option when they genuinely honor the recipient.

Learn how to graciously give gift cards in this month’s “Do You Know?”

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